PIO (People of Indian Origin) Helpline” is a registered Non Profit and Non Government organization established in 2008 whose goal is to guide, protect and resolve problems/issues faced by non resident Indians residing in other countries related to their rights, properties, investments and social-cultural matters. We are providing 24 hours online service with free of cost consultation from our Chandigarh, India office with satellite offices in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad & Bhubaneswar.

As we know a large number of people are residing out of India in other countries but definitely there are many ties that bind them to their motherland INDIA; whether it is family, property, business, marriage or loans besides politically and socially. To help, support and protect the rights and interests of the Non-Residents, an organization is established to assist regarding their day to day problems under the name ‘PIO Helpline’.

  • To guide and help the NRIs in protecting their rights especially property related matters.
  • To guide and help the NRIs to facilitate their visit to India.
  • To pursue the problems/interest of NRIs with Government of Punjab and Government of India.
  • To guide legally regarding any investment by the NRIs in India.
  • To guide the new generation of the NRIs regarding the culture and ethics and promote social welfare among the NRIs and their families residing in India and outside India.
  • To guide and provide the latest information regarding the amendments of law for the help of NRIs in Punjab and India.
  • To look after the properties of NRIs of Punjab act as a trusties if they wish so.

Join Hands with Canada based Non Profit society PICS in 2012:-

Looking at our voluntary work, strong exposure to Indo-Canadian system and resolving of issues /problems of non residents of India, PICS (Progressive intercultural Community services Society) chose us to open their International office in our already existing PIO location at Chandigarh under our supervision. So, since 2012 we are also providing Pre Landing Information to the prospective permanent resident’s immigrating to Canada and preparing them for the transition to their new life in Canada before landing in Canada which include information about rent or purchase a house, to get a social insurance number, apply for a health card, education for children, apply for a PR card, free basic English and French classes, credential assessment services etc.

PICS (Progressive Intercultural Community Services) is a Canadian based incorporated non-profit organization whose activities include building a healthy and just society which values all cultures with head office at Surrey BC. In Canada PICS running/providing different types of programs for new immigrants like English language for adults, job search program, settlement issues etc. which is necessary for the new immigrants.

In India PIO Helpline is running their settlement program of pre arrival services to the prospective immigrants. We will start from our head office at Chandigarh location and expansion to other cities where PIO offices located. As all the offices in different cities in India are connected with head office at Chandigarh. We are working closely with PICS towards improving and giving high quality services for the pre-arrival services that we helping better linkage of the new immigrants, social and economic needs. Our organization is providing pre-departure information of employment and language training to the new immigrants of Canada as we have great team comprising of well educated person, fluent in English and/or French languages.